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It's been 15 years already! Remember 9/11

It's been 15 years already!  Remember 9/11

On September 11th, 2001, everybody remembers exactly where they were when the second plane hit the world trade center.  Many musical artists came out with a 9/11 song but few did it as fast or as fitting than country music superstar Alan Jackson with his hit "Where were you when the world stop turning."  It was the day that redefined our opinion or the word terrorism and single handedly refocused the country on patriotism and unity.  Now 15 years later, we can be celebrated for not standing during the National Anthem as social issues, cell service and wifi coverage dominates our focus.  Our first African American President seems to be only a stepping stone to the birth of our first woman Presidential nominee and an increased awareness of the LGBT community with unisex bathrooms.  We only seem to be two generations away from completely removing God from our lives if we don't wake up soon.
 September 11th, 2001 started like man…