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Never Stop Advertising with Make It Rain Marketing 903-420-0736 (SEO)

Never Stop Advertising! I've personally been approached by countless advertising firms and internet marketing salesman who know exactly what my business needed to succeed.   Most of them are working at a call center making $10 an hour or have a similar pay structure with minimum wage and minimal commissions.  Interesting enough, these people are in your ear with a convincing argument of why you need to listen to them and follow their advice.  I guess it's not to hard to connect the dots and say to yourself, "If they're so knowledgeable and really know what they're talking about, why are they not doing it for themselves?"  "The world is full of talented people but it's not full of successful people for a reason."
You'll never hear me discount or discredit a salesman because I have been a salesman for most of my adult life.  My personal blessings include principles learned from the art and psychology of sales.  These lessons can be applied to …