Lighting By Veterans is now hiring for the holidays! 469-269-2838 (AVET)

Lighting By Veterans is now hiring!

Lighting By Veterans is in the peak season and is now hiring as many qualified individuals that they can find.  They are currently in need of installation crews in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex that can get the job done with a positive attitude.  Now that LBV is on their 5th season in business, it is the best time to get with one of the top Holiday Lighting companies in the area and make some real cash when you need it most.  If you're a Veteran or would like to join a Veteran owned and operated company, change the direction of your future by starting today!

These a few things that you will need to be a professional Christmas Light Installer and make the right money this season!

1.  Vehicle (Truck) that can carry a ladder
2.  At least a 24' ladder but 36' will reach more money
3.  Working cell phone that can download apps
4.  Ability to exactly count light bulbs in excess of 250
5.  Work well with others and have a positive attitude
6.  Have a desire to achieve and accomplish
7.  Must be comfortable on ladders and roofs
8.  Basic understanding of minor electrical systems
9.  Work long hours from 8am to 10pm

LUKE 10:2  These were his instructions to them:  "The harvest is great, but the workers are few.  So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields."  Facebook, Google


Lighting By Veterans has great compensation plans and a generous bonus structure that pays by the foot and by the job.  There is also plenty of work with over 50 positions still left to be filled so start working and get your on the job training completed today. Get paid by the foot with daily cash bonuses and watch how this Christmas becomes the best one ever!

We at Make It Rain Marketing would like to suggest that you call +Lighting by Veterans at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or visit them online at if you'd like to have more information.


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